Why? The foundation of design

Your story represents your values and your vision. These form the basis of strategy. Strategy makes it possible to become more effective in your visual communication. Tell your story: With form, color, typography and symbolism. With good design you will be seen, you have the opportunity to make a lasting impression. All this by asking one simple question: Why? (“Start With Why”, Simon Sinek. Look it up!)

Why do you do what you are doing? Why is your company what it is today? Why do you wake up each day to improve your business?

Waldbach listens. And asks questions. So we can get a deeper insight in what drives your business. With this information we get strategic insight and that will serve as a foundation for impressive, lasting visual communication.

Original model: “Bust of a rhetorician”
by Geoffrey Marchal / Sketchfab.com
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Why a WordPress website?

Full control: Manage your content and layout all by yourself. Versatile: Thousands of plugins and themes are available that are maintained and supported by many experienced, dedicated developers. Higher Google rank: WordPress is built for great results in search engines. And if that is not enough for you there are excellent plugins available to further improve your SEO. And last but not least: Affordable! The WordPress base system is free, and so are many plugins. Some are not free though, but usually very affordable. By paying for premium plugins and themes you receive updates and support for as long as your license is valid.

With WordPress you have a system at your disposal upon which millions of companies and entrepreneurs rely. Thanks to this popularity there’s always an answer to be found to almost any question you have about WordPress. The most popular CMS in the world is therefore the choice of Waldbach! Is it yours as well?