If your website is not compliant with the European GDPR privacy law you should no longer wait!

Luckily there’s Waldbach to the rescue. We can create and implement a tailor-made Privacy Statement for your website. We currently offer this in Dutch and English. If you wish to have your statement written in another language, please contact us: office@waldbach.nl .

We also do a cookie audit: analyze what is registered and which parties are involved. The Privacy Statement will be adjusted accordingly. A cookie-law banner will be added with a link to your privacy statement. It will be tested for maximum responsiveness, ensuring an unobtrusive compliance opt-in for your visitors.

The service is offered for all WordPress self-hosted websites. If your website runs on another system, we advice you to contact us to see what is possible.

A GDPR/Cookie Law compliant WordPress website will cost you only € 40,00 excluding 21% VAT.

Please send us a message (we prefer Whatsapp): +31 (0)6 81377157 or use our email form.